3 China Marketing Trends You Must Know in 2024

As China undergoes profound changes in recent years, the impact of the pandemic and its aftermath has been far-reaching, altering people’s lifestyles, consumption patterns, and health concepts. After a period of downturn, the consumer market is now experiencing a brief recovery. Brands have successfully capitalized on various marketing campaigns, dispelling the gloom of the pandemic. So, what are the China marketing trends worthy of attention in 2024?

China Marketing Trends 1 : Emotional Release – Reaching New Heights in Emotional Resonance Marketing

According to CMO survey reports, 2024 will continue to be a crucial year for Chinese consumers to repair their emotions. Against the backdrop of slowing economic growth, 37% of people feel immense pressure about the future, and 32% even experience tremendous stress. During such challenging times, people are increasingly eager to find outlets for their emotions. Tik Tok’s survey data reveals that travel, sleep, food, fitness, and pet companionship have become the primary ways for Chinese people to relax. Consumer goods in these areas have performed well in 2023, with Arc’teryx outdoor gear achieving sales of over 900 million yuan on Tmall, representing a nearly 50% growth rate. This is not just a testament to brand marketing efforts but also a reflection of consumers’ pent-up demand for outdoor activities being released.

In 2024, brands need to evolve from emotional marketing to deeper emotional value creation, establishing a stronger spiritual connection with consumers. Arc’teryx‘s success serves as a prime example. Initially positioning itself as a high-end luxury outdoor gear brand, Arc’teryx often selects prime locations for its stores in high-end shopping malls, neighboring top luxury brands like Hermes. Inside, the stores are not just simple displays of products but immersive scenarios mimicking snowy mountains and mountainous terrains. The brand also organizes offline events, inviting members to experience outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and camping, while top coaches provide guidance. Although conquering nature may seem remote for young urbanites, everyone has a desire to enjoy ultimate freedom. Therefore, an Arc’teryx jacket is not just a piece of clothing for consumers; it’s an expression of their lifestyle and a metaphor for class and identity.

China Marketing Trends 2 : Rationality – The Dual Pursuit of Quality and Value

In 2023, consumption gradually returned to rationality, which does not necessarily mean low-cost purchases. Instead, consumers are paying more attention to the actual value brought by their consumption behaviors. Within their affordability, they are willing to pay a premium for quality products that enhance their lives and bring higher happiness. According to Morketing data, up to 80.6% of Chinese consumers are willing to pay more for products that improve their quality of life.

In the era of “product supremacy,” consumers tend to research products thoroughly before purchasing to ensure they meet their needs. Take SkinCeuticals, a brand specializing in functional skincare, as an example. After more than 20 years of development, it has become a representative of high-end skincare in professional settings. Its marketing strategy in the Chinese market involves a “O+O+O” omnichannel approach, encompassing professional clinics (OFFICE), flagship stores on Tmall (ONLINE), and offline boutiques (OFFLINE). Its unique advantage lies in its deep roots in professional clinic channels, focusing on post-surgical skin repair. By enhancing product and brand power in terms of ingredients, effectiveness, and experience, SkinCeuticals provides consumers with a comprehensive skincare solution, successfully capturing their hearts and minds.

China Marketing Trends 3 : Health – The Focus of Nationwide Marketing Attention

Entering the second year of the post-pandemic era, the virus continues to affect people’s lives, and health has become an increasingly important topic. Simultaneously, with the arrival of an aging society, the entire society’s attention to health will reach new heights. How brands design health-related marketing topics will be crucial for successful marketing communication in 2024.

The healthcare brand Swisse has keenly captured this trend, proposing the concept of “health as fashion” and creating tailored products for different age groups. Whether it’s oral beauty products for women or bone maintenance products for athletes, Swisse integrates its products into consumers’ interests and lifestyles through precise positioning and deep collaboration, satisfying their actual needs while attracting the attention of younger consumers.

MyMyPanda offers the following suggestions for brands to stay abreast of the latest  trends:

1.Deepen emotional resonance and create a brand story 
In today’s era where emotional release has become a keyword, brands need to pay more attention to emotional connections with consumers. By creating a heartfelt brand story, consumers can resonate with it and are willing to pay for the emotional value of the brand. For example, brands can draw inspiration from Arc’teryx and provide immersive experiences to consumers through scene design, offline activities, and other methods, enabling them to feel the lifestyle and values represented by the brand.

2.Strengthen the concept of product supremacy and enhance product quality
Amid the return of rational consumption, brands should focus more on product quality and practical value. Through continuous research and innovation, improve product performance and quality to meet consumers’ pursuit of high-quality life. At the same time, attention should also be paid to changes in consumer demand, timely adjusting product strategies to ensure that products align with market needs.

3.Carry out marketing around health topics and pay attention to social hotspots 
With the increasing awareness of health and the arrival of an aging society, health topics will become an important direction for brand marketing. Brands can combine their product features and launch health-related marketing activities, such as popularizing health knowledge and promoting healthy lifestyles, which can both enhance brand image and meet consumers’ health needs.

4.Leverage multiple channels for marketing promotion and increase brand exposure  
In the digital era, brands should fully utilize various online and offline channels for marketing promotion. Through emerging channels such as social media, short videos, live streaming, and more, expand the brand’s influence and exposure. At the same time, attention should also be paid to the experience and service of offline stores, providing consumers with a comprehensive shopping experience.

In today’s fiercely competitive brand landscape, creativity is indeed important, but an even deeper understanding of new consumer groups, scenarios, and demands is crucial. In this era of information explosion, there are no perpetual online celebrities or products; only continuous consumer insights can lead brands to success. If you want to gain insights related to Chinese consumers, you can directly communicate with our marketing experts, who will provide your brand with a comprehensive strategy tailored for the Chinese market.